Airom Bleicher is an Australian bush-raised and educated artist currently living in Los Angeles. Airom’s projects are filled with elaborate conceptual designs juxtaposed with primal spontaneity. He has developed an art form that explores conceptual-emotional interaction, influenced by his psychology education and expressionist and surrealistic art movements.

My art explores the interaction between the conceptual conscious intentional natures and primal emotive impulses. I apply my past work and study in experimental cognitive psychology to the canvass and to conceptual installation, visually representing schematized concepts as they would be in the human mind in the process of being brought from memory and applied to sensual building blocks. I respond to these schemata borrowing from techniques of early, abstract and post-expressionists. I continue this process, taking these and responding to them, incorporating them into large installations exploring particular types of psychological phenomena or conducting psychological experiments using the pieces as stimuli. The end result is a slow-motion cycle of conceptual-expressive interactions, stirring a circling between sensation and contemplation.

Exhibits: Audis Husar Fine Art, Beverly Hills; Kristi Engle Gallery, LA; 207 Gallery, NY; Art Murmur Gallery, LA; Julie Rico Gallery, LA; Accolades Gallery, Ventura.
Media:  ArtScene magazine, I Propose (Style Network); LA Weekly, Citizen LA, Manhattan Times, VC reporter.