“…another wayward pilgrim drowning in the senses building accidents
on a canvass which make people remember their dreams as a baby…”

-T.J. Volgare

“… Look at these paintings with a childlike, open mind fully at liberty, as if you are dreaming. Encounter the images and objects in Bleicher’s work for exactly what they appear to be….a kind of assured hesitancy–is common to all of Bleicher’s oil paintings…These are open-ended visual conundrums presented with a feeling of innocent pleasure. …You can compare this art to surrealism, outsider art or Philip Guston’s later work but that is like hanging a tag or delimiting label on something primal, inherently itself and whole…These images are produced as a balancing act over the great divide between the conscious and unconscious mind… Their virtue is that they represent a freely ranging hybrid, unfinished and unaccountable.”

-Ray Zone, ArtScene Magazine, June 2006

‘This man has a way of expressing so much in so few brush strokes, the colors are ethereal, the images expressive, and the symbolism archetypal. Such a strong feeling evoked by such simple images. I love his works and enjoy seeing them on my walls every day!’

-Ed Elrod

‘…a worthy artistic and intellectual descendant of Edvard Munsch, George Groz, and Hieronymus Bosch.’

-Jim Boring

‘We were impressed with the seemingly spontaneous gestured, scumbled technique. The dynamic balancing of objects that leave open wide interpretations of the narrative. The richness of the layered colors enhance the deeply personal psychological themes. A primitive and at the same time sophisticated and elaborate world of stylized objects and beings playing out their interior visual games. “

-David Genovesi

‘Wonderfully Bizarre! A Picaso-esque/Modigliani-esque Mr. Bill! Or perhaps aninflatable scream doll? It disturbs me, and I like it.’

– editors of NFG magazine.

‘There’s something about the art that makes it hard to look away. I’m not sure
what happens but as time goes on I’ll figure out how it affects me that way.’
I hope!’

-John Yimin


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